How To De-stress The Blogging Process

A good chunk of my reader base includes fellow bloggers. I’m talking to you guys today and asking you if writing, though a passion, can really stress you out at times?! I love to write, but there are so many times that it puts a strain on me. Reasons: I know others are watching, I have self-imposed deadlines and spotty willpower when it comes to meeting them, I’m pressed for time, and it’s just plain hard. Writing is like working out; you really have to push yourself to start and it’s hard and not that fun…until you get going. Then you feel good and you enjoy it and you’re glad you did it! So you keep going back to the proverbial salt lick and torturing yourself in the best way possible.

If writing/blogging stresses you out, I’m here to share a few tips on how to de-stress the process and even start to work ahead of schedule. Hey, there is nothing more stressful than working at the eleventh hour, even if you are your own boss. (Actually, that might even be worse.)

(PS. This process works for all forms of writing and many other projects! I.e. Your exercise regimen, meal planning, decluttering, etc. Just observe the formula and adjust accordingly!) Continue reading

My Honest Graze Review

Having recently moved into a new house, I received an envelope full of vouchers and coupons, a “welcome to the neighborhood” if you will. As I rifled through them mindlessly (as envelopes like that are almost always useless to me–no, I don’t need a new roof just yet. *Eye roll*), I was actually delighted to find a voucher for a free sample box from Graze. Snacks!! Free food speaks to me, so I created an account, entered my free snacks code and selected a few treats I wouldn’t mind trying. Pins and needles of waiting on a subscription box: engaged.

The sample box only consisted of 4 snacks, whereas your typical Graze box contains 8. I was thrilled upon its arrival and wasted no time cracking the cardboard open and proceeding to eat the entire box with my husband’s help. Yes, I shared, unfortunately.  Continue reading

9 Apps To Help You Be A Slay-At-Home Mom

I recently took a hard look at the apps that had taken up residence on my phone and asked myself whether they were adding any value to my life or just taking up space or, worse, time. I think this is an especially important area to examine for value since things like apps aren’t tangible things–do the apps you’re using produce tangible benefits? I deleted a substantial number, but, in the end, there were several that I kept around because they’ve really helped me up my SAHM game.

If you’re a SAHM like myself, you are probably always on a mission to level up your homemaking. Hold on to your hats, ladies, this is going to be a big one. Here are 9 apps I love and how you can use them to slay your day! Continue reading

7 Day Detox: Why Detox?

Have you been feeling sluggish lately? Sleeping poorly or waking up feeling heavy? Barely making it through the afternoon without a nap? Perhaps it’s time to give your body a mild reset.

One day last month I found myself once again pulling the tortilla chips out of the pantry for lunch…with a side of lemonade and yogurt (for the second time since 8am). Over and over I was finding myself reaching for the dairy, the plastic wrapped snacks, and anything that would just fuel me long enough to make it to the next meal, if you could call what I was eating a “meal.” The problem was the food I was reaching for wasn’t fuel at all. In fact, it was making my sluggish demeanor worse! I was stuck in an endless cycle of bad choices. I had a nutrition degree for crying out loud, what was I doing?! That’s when I decided it was time for a detox.

It’s fairly common for nutrition-conscious people to decide to detox after the holiday season, however, I wanted to bite the bullet and start fresh before the Christmas season arrived–that way I could perhaps begin to make better choices and avoid overindulging in the first place. If you are interested in starting fresh post-holidays, stay tuned for this series I’ll be doing on staging your own 7 day detox. Today I’ll be exploring why you may want to detox and the obstacles and victories you will face should you choose to do so. Continue reading

Journibles: My New Favorite Bible Study Tool

Every day, at some point, I do my best to break from my motherly duties and sit down to read a few verses from the Bible. I used to have time for a chapter or more a day, but these days I tend to read about 5 verses at a time, doing my best to keep up with the continuing narrative and internalizing its significance. Right now I’m slowly chipping away from Genesis to Revelation as an alternative to reading a devotion or a topical study. Continue reading