The Importance of Dating After ‘I Do’

When I began writing this post, I did a quick google search–“dating after marriage.” I chose the wrong phrasing, apparently, because the first three articles that popped up were titled: “Advice For Dating After Divorce,” “Dating After Divorce,” and “8 Things You Need To Know About Dating After Divorce.”

WELL. That was certainly not what I was looking for.

After dismissing the mistake and revising my wording a little bit (let’s try… dating after.. no.. dating your spouse. Yes, that’s what I meant) the irony of the situation hit me and completely changed my opening illustration for this article. WHY is it that “dating after marriage” is synonymous with.. “divorce”? I’d only meant to say “dating after ‘I do'”, not post marriage altogether.

Perhaps herein lies the problem with there being so many instances of “dating after marriage” these days–so many couples stop dating after “I do.”  Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving has come and gone and I feel like we’ve barely had a minute to breathe before the Christmas trees start going up and lights appear everywhere. I decided to take a week long break from social media to enjoy family gatherings and it was refreshing. It’s so easy to forget how real the world is and how much there is to be thankful for when you live your life on the internet–family, traditions, feasts, and togetherness.  Continue reading

The Isolation of Motherhood

Before my son was born, I was ultra prepared for postpartum depression. Having always been a person ruled and driven by emotion, it was reasonable for me to expect a drastic spiral into this now well-known condition. But when the time came and I was sitting on my couch with a month old baby, when all the help had evaporated and I was left to fend for myself day in and day out, I felt…fine. Continue reading