The Importance of Dating After ‘I Do’

When I began writing this post, I did a quick google search–“dating after marriage.” I chose the wrong phrasing, apparently, because the first three articles that popped up were titled: “Advice For Dating After Divorce,” “Dating After Divorce,” and “8 Things You Need To Know About Dating After Divorce.”

WELL. That was certainly not what I was looking for.

After dismissing the mistake and revising my wording a little bit (let’s try… dating after.. no.. dating your spouse. Yes, that’s what I meant) the irony of the situation hit me and completely changed my opening illustration for this article. WHY is it that “dating after marriage” is synonymous with.. “divorce”? I’d only meant to say “dating after ‘I do'”, not post marriage altogether.

Perhaps herein lies the problem with there being so many instances of “dating after marriage” these days–so many couples stop dating after “I do.”  Continue reading

My Honest Graze Review

Having recently moved into a new house, I received an envelope full of vouchers and coupons, a “welcome to the neighborhood” if you will. As I rifled through them mindlessly (as envelopes like that are almost always useless to me–no, I don’t need a new roof just yet. *Eye roll*), I was actually delighted to find a voucher for a free sample box from Graze. Snacks!! Free food speaks to me, so I created an account, entered my free snacks code and selected a few treats I wouldn’t mind trying. Pins and needles of waiting on a subscription box: engaged.

The sample box only consisted of 4 snacks, whereas your typical Graze box contains 8. I was thrilled upon its arrival and wasted no time cracking the cardboard open and proceeding to eat the entire box with my husband’s help. Yes, I shared, unfortunately.  Continue reading

9 Apps To Help You Be A Slay-At-Home Mom

I recently took a hard look at the apps that had taken up residence on my phone and asked myself whether they were adding any value to my life or just taking up space or, worse, time. I think this is an especially important area to examine for value since things like apps aren’t tangible things–do the apps you’re using produce tangible benefits? I deleted a substantial number, but, in the end, there were several that I kept around because they’ve really helped me up my SAHM game.

If you’re a SAHM like myself, you are probably always on a mission to level up your homemaking. Hold on to your hats, ladies, this is going to be a big one. Here are 9 apps I love and how you can use them to slay your day! Continue reading

Minimalist Goals For 2017

Happy New Year readers! Instead of starting this month with my typical post about my latest bullet journal spread, I’m excited to share my goals with you for 2017. I keep telling people (perhaps for accountability’s sake more than anything) that 2017 is going to be the year that I finally and fully embrace what I’ve always wanted to become: a minimalist.

Why Harboring So Many Interests Is Hurting You

Operation Minimalist. It seems from the dawn of the idea in my mind, the implementation of minimalism has either eluded me or I’ve made every excuse to keep clinging to every unnecessary thing in my life. Despite being a minimalist at heart, I somehow still struggle with wanting to do and be all things to all people. Perhaps you know the feeling: wanting to wear every style, cook every food, read every book, do every project, or keep every thing.

It’s good to be adventurous and eager to try things, but, in a way, it’s a betrayal to ourselves–to stretch ourselves so thin into so many territories. With limited energy, it only leaves us disorganized, directionless, and still asking ourselves the ultimate question: who am I? Continue reading

My Winter Capsule Wardrobe – 2016

We’re finally starting to get a little chill in the air here, so I broke out the ironing board and steamed my winter wardrobe for the season. I’m actually pretty excited to see how I can mix and match and dress this capsule up over the next couple of months!

Ever created your own capsule wardrobe? It’s a super fun and challenging way to make the most out of a small collection of clothing. Why create one? If you are a SAHM like myself, sometimes it feels easier to just stay in your leggings and oversized sweat shirt all day. No more with a capsule wardrobe! Mixing and matching has never been easier! Here’s how you can get started on your own capsule wardrobe this winter.  Continue reading