My Moleskine Notebook Review + Why I Switched From A Square Grid Bullet Journal to a Dot Grid

I JUST received my new Moleskine notebook (read: bullet journal) in the mail and I am SO excited to start working on my plans for December and the new year. In a world where it seems like popular bullet journalists are constantly using the Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, I have stuck loyally to the Moleskine brand. From the moment I purchased one of these classic notebooks, I knew I would never settle for lesser bound paper products again. Except for maybe post-its. That doesn’t count, though. Right?

Why I Use Moleskine

Why do I recommend Moleskine? Because it is a timeless notebook with so many customizable features that you can’t go wrong. The paper is perfectly textured (is this paper made of butter??) and bound by a smooth leather cover. To Moleskine, a notebook isn’t just a place you make art, but the notebook IS an art–and one that they have taken such great care in crafting that each notebook comes with a quality control identification number in case you find any flaws.

Their notebooks come in several different sizes–pocket, large, extra large–and can be ordered with plain, square grid, or dot grid paper.

Why I’ve Switched From Square Grid to Dot Grid

My first bullet journal was a square grid Moleskine and it served me perfectly well, however, I have been observing the clean look other bullet journalists have using dot grid and have decided to make the switch. I started with a square grid because I was, let’s just say, less than confident in my hand lettering and quick sketching abilities. I considered the square grid notebook my first attempt at bullet journaling–sort of a practice journal to see what I do and don’t like. The lines provided me a foolproof way to draw layouts and experiment with ideas. BUT, I have envied that cleaner look the dot grid affords. At this point I have grown comfortable enough with my bullet journal preferences that I think I can pull off the dots.

What notebook do you use for bullet journaling? If you like what I’ve had to say about the Moleskine notebook, take a look at their extensive collection and find your perfect notebook! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. For a look at some of my other favorite bullet journaling tools, check out my post, My Bullet Journal Tools.

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