November Bullet Journal Spread – Featuring Nanowrimo

November is National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo! I participated last year and missed the mark, but it was a great exercise to get my writing flowing. I’m giving it another go this year, this time with my bujo in tow.

If you’ve ever thought about writing a novel but never had the gusto to get started, NaNoWriMo is just the ticket. Learn more about how you can participate on

What Nanowrimo Taught Me About Writing

One thing I learned during NaNoWriMo last year is that the most important thing when writing….is to get it on the page. Just write. You can always go back and edit later, but time spent trying to perfect the first draft eventually amounts to nothing. I can speak to this as absolutely true in my experience. I tried for years to finally write that elusive Great American Novel and it just wouldn’t happen because I got so caught up in editing as I went along. Inevitably, I became so bogged down with technicalities that I gave up before the story even got started. The most important thing is just to write.

This year I gave in and got my badge of honor–this extremely soft and comfortable crewneck sweatshirt that I can’t seem to take off.
img_6067The big difference this year is that I’ve been tracking my progress in my bullet journal this year! So far, so good.

What I’m Tracking This Month

Other things I’m featuring in November: A continuation of last month’s sleep tracker (because, honestly, I flat out failed at going to bed earlier in October) and a 30-day marriage challenge. If bullet journaling is a cafeteria line…my eyes may be bigger than my stomach. I just can’t seem to chose what I want to try, so I end up doing it all!

Washi FTW!

A word on the washi: I rarely if ever use outside flourishes for my bullet journal (I just doodle things in by hand), but I discovered I had completely messed up the days of the week on my November tracker! November first was NOT a Saturday. So, I cut some washi to cover my mistake. Then I just went crazy with it because it really brought my spread to life in a new way. Long story short, I maaaaay be a new convert to using washi in the bullet journal. *Sheepish grin* And, this roll is actually fabric tape, so it is extra lovely. If you are really loving the look of the floral fabric tape, you can get some very similar here!


What are you featuring in your November bullet journal spread?

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