October 2016 Bullet Journal Spread

I’m having a really hard time deciding whether September or October is my favorite month. I love the back-to-school feel of September (even if I’m not going back anymore), but almost as soon as saw October peeping over the horizon, I was at the store buying pumpkins for my front porch and planning what kind of cinnamon treats I will be baking. More than either month, I just love the progression of fall from muggy nights and last ditch barbecues to warm cider and cozy sweaters. But most of all!… I love a new month for my bullet journal!

A Simple Calendar

This month I kept it fairly simple, mostly because the first day of October snuck right up on me and I found myself drawing it all out that morning instead of ahead of time like I usually do. I tried a compact calendar with prominent events highlighted. I loved my blogging and goals lists from September, so I kept them. Now if I could just do a better job of reviewing them regularly…

What I Kept This Month

Typical monthly features for me: my task dump (which I’ve renamed “tasks”), my tracker, and my currently page. I weeded a couple of things out of my tracker but also added a couple things in their place. For instance, I’ve really been wanting to start a war book for a while. I’m planning to go buy a new notebook today so I can start experimenting with that. Keeping a war book will have to be another post!

New: Sleep Tracking & Gratitude Logging

Finally, a couple new things I am trying for the month of October: sleep tracking and gratitude logging.

Since we spent most of the month of September in the moving process, my attention to my health really suffer–lots of fast food, no exercise, and sleep, blah, what is that? Now that we are settled and getting back into the routine, I want to spend this month really trying to focus on bettering my self-care routine. One of the ways I’m doing that is with my sleep tracker. To briefly explain, the black line is roughly what time I go to bed and the orange is what time I get up. My goal is to bring both of the lines to the bottom of the graph by the end of the month and hopefully sustain a better sleep cycle.
I have seen tons of people keeping gratitude logs in their bullet journals, but I just never really felt like I wanted to do one. However, I decided to give it a try this month because I confess I am so bad about being negative. I’m already loving it! The benefit for me is that I’m able to look back and remember moments that I was thankful for when I would normally forget them a day later. It’s just a great way to briefly journal the highlights of my day.

Want To Log Your Gratitude?

If you aren’t a bullet journaler or want to log your gratitude but don’t know where to start, here is a great resource for you! Gratitude: A Journal by Catherine Price is a cute and inspiring journal full of blank pages and fun prompts to get you thinking about the good things in life. An example of a prompt, which made me want to pour myself an extra cup of coffee:

“Savor Something — Stay in the shower for an extra few seconds, or take a moment to appreciate the smell of your morning coffee before your first sip. Try to elongate the pleasant moments of your day, no matter how small.”
Leave a link to your October spreads in the comments! I would love to see what everyone is doing with their month!

2 thoughts on “October 2016 Bullet Journal Spread

    • thehuntresswhitt says:

      A war book or binder is based off the movie War Room. War refers to prayer–our weapon in spiritual warfare. Instead of having a room, you put it into a book. Look up the movie, it looks good!

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