August 2016 Bullet Journal Spread

Happy August! I’ve just sat down with my coffee and my journal this morning to plan out a few things for this last month of summer. It seems like my spreads keep getting simpler compared to others I see doing challenges of all kinds–plan with me, rock your handwriting, doodle with us, 70 days of hand lettering, the list goes on and on! As much as I’d love to participate in some of them I’m already strapped for time just getting pen to paper! *Daydreams* Maybe one day… 
Since I got my set of Fudenosuke Brush Pens I can tell my hand lettering has improved greatly from when I started. Still a work in progress, but these pens have made the process so much easier and more fun!

I did two things differently this month: 1) I changed up my weekly spread by making more space for daily tidbits. This replaced my meal planning column and my fitness column. Since I integrated those two things into the day blocks, I was able to make more room for my weekly goals and tasks. I also added a column for blog things.

2) I added a new page which I’ve labeled “Currently”! This is just a quick way to see how my activities change from month to month.

What is your bujo looking like this month?? Comment with links to your new spreads!DSC_0538DSC_0539DSC_0540DSC_0542

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