Pack Light: A Ten-Day Trip to Visit Family

Happy summer everyone! I’ve started my season with a trip to visit my hometown while my husband is on a week-long business trip. When traveling, I always like to pack as light as possible–especially now that I have a little one. I have to bring practically the whole house with me when I bring him anywhere!! Therefore, bringing as little as possible for myself is a must. Here are my bare essentials for my trip to visit family:

  1. A colorful top
  2. A casual tank
  3. A pretty tank
  4. A striped tee
  5. A pair of shorts
  6. A skirt
  7. A plaid button up
  8. A pair of jeans
  9. A denim jacket
  10. A maxi dress
  11. A tote bag
  12. A pair of sneakers
  13. A pair of sandals
  14. A crossbody bag
  15. My trusty aviators
  16. A nude polish
  17. A light lipstick
  18. A dainty necklace
  19. An extra accessory (rings for me)

Day One: Traveling on the road.

Day Two: Father’s Day.

Day Three: Shopping.

Day Four: Visiting extended family.

Day Five: Afternoon with friends.

Day Six: Brunch.

Day Seven: Lazy day in.

Day Eight: Family reunion.

Day Nine: Church.

Day Ten: Traveling home.

Bonus: Here’s a picture of squirt helping me pack for our travels this past week. He is always so helpful. 😉

3 thoughts on “Pack Light: A Ten-Day Trip to Visit Family

  1. Kelly says:

    Great combinations! I always overpack and don’t wear half of what I take. I think I’ll try to pare down next trip. Thanks for the post. Always love reading them.

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