June 2016 Bullet Journal Spread

I normally reserve Fridays for fashion posts, but I got a little behind this week and opted to post my June spread before the month got away from  me. It’s still missing a few bits and pieces, looks like skin and bones, and lacks some pizzazz, but it’s on paper! 

As usual, I have my Month at a Glance page (still need to fill in my goals for the month), my Task Dump (reserved for any and every task that pops into my head without a place to go), my Tracker (pretty colors!!), a simplified cleaning chart (turns out I don’t clean as much as I’d like to), a feeding schedule for Jonas, and a little something extra at the bottom. This month I’m trying out Boho Berry’s #RockYourHandwriting. The first prompt was your favorite quote and mine happens to be from Wuthering Heights. *Swoon*. I need to read that book again.
It’s no secret that my handwriting is severely lacking–riddled with mistakes and rushed strokes! I’ve been watching people hand lettering on Instagram for like a week now and I’m hooked. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I got Jonas strapped in and we scampered on over the craft store where I bought a pack of artist pens (INCLUDING THE ENVIED BRUSH PEN) so I can start stroking like a pro.

Basically, I consider this bullet journal my first and sloppiest attempt. I see it improving little by little as I find my own style and new ways to be creative. Eventually my untapped potential will blossom and I will start a new bullet journal.

Sometimes I miss my planner and my stickering–I came across a display of Happy Planners at the craft store and wanted one SO. BADLY.–but bullet journaling has equally captured my heart and my wallet. It’s a lot cheaper to buy a few fancy pens and practice your writing skills than to invest in a mountain of washi and buy adorable sticker sheets on Etsy. The downside to bullet journaling? With a 3-month-old, I barely have time to get my lists down on paper, let alone make them beautiful like a lot of these script masters do. Stickers would be a much quicker fix. Alas, my lack of sticker fund and my love for writing win.

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