May 2016 Bullet Journal Spread

I always get so excited when a new month rolls around. It feels like a New Year’s opportunity for me every time and, gladly, I seize it! I love to set new goals and assess my progress. This month, I’m starting a few particularly pointed projects including Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Evenings Course and logging my journey to get my pre-baby body back in a 12-week Fitbook.

This month, I decided to simplify my daily spreads and up my game on my monthly logs. I added a spread to help me manage when baby Jonas feeds and naps. I also tried to narrow down how my things I’m trying to accomplish on my daily tracker. Last month I tried to do too many things every day and it just got overwhelming. How many times will I pack my to do list full of menial tasks before I learn!? *Smacks self on the hand*

As you can see, May turned out to be pretty straightforward. I just went with a black and white theme because I wasn’t feeling very inspired to doodle a lot with the complicated hand lettering font. One thing I changed this month in my tracker is the color of the bubbles. Last month, I colored them in with the theme’s colors, whereas, this month, I chose to color them in based on what life category they fell into; yellow for homemaking, black for personal projects, green for health and fitness, etc. After taking inspiration from pro-bullet journalers, it’s nice to see my own style evolving.

May Goals
1. Apply scar cream daily (baby damage!).
2. Continue to blog regularly and start writing daily.
3. Log my Fitbook daily.
4. Follow a budget.
5. Buy organic AMAP.
6. Complete the Make Over Your Evenings Course.
7. Start a Bible-reading plan.
8. Finish a couple of books.

5 thoughts on “May 2016 Bullet Journal Spread

  1. Kelly says:

    Nice goals. I should do that but i’m a list maker and I love making a list for each day then marking off what I get done. Its a joy for me to throw that list in the trash and start another.

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