Postpartum Purchases, Pt. II

Still enjoying a few new pieces as I am shrinking back to my original size. Actually, hanging on to the last 10 pounds wouldn’t be the worst thing. Therefore, only about 10 pounds to go!

So, here I’m wearing a new button down, cardigan and sandals. It was Mom’s brilliant idea to wearing the shirt and cardigan together–she’s much braver with pattern mixing than I am. But it’s totally my new favorite!

Button down – Kenneth Cole Reaction
Cardigan – Willi Smith
Sandals – Victor Vicari
Pants – Blue Spice
Watch – Kate Spade
Shades – Ray Ban

One thought on “Postpartum Purchases, Pt. II

  1. Kelly says:

    Stepping outside of your comfort zone sometimes results in new and interesting outfits. Beats the heck out of t-shirt and jeans although while tried and true can get a little boring if that’s all you ever wear. Kudos to you Hunter for taking a chance. Looks great!!!

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