March & April 2016 Daily Spreads

Despite having a newborn to adjust to the last couple of months, I’m still keeping up with my Bullet Journal. However, my hand lettering is suffering if not entirely nonexistent. You can tell I’m just cranking spreads out to get them out before the baby wakes up. Time is short these days, but we are slowly settling into a routine. For this post I wanted to do a brief comparison of my daily spreads from March and April.

First, a few things I like to track day to day:

The time bar across the top I was inspired to do by Boho Berry (read Queen Bullet Journaler). I keep the same color code throughout my whole journal, so the colors in the bar tell me how I’ve spent my day in general. Light blue is either sleep or leisure time. Perhaps by now you’ve guessed that the orange scattered all over is the time I’m spending up at night with Baby Jonas. Orange represents friends and family. Etc, etc.

Events & Tasks are listed below the day of the week. Generally, if I have an event pre-planned for the day it will appear on the list with a colored bubble and I will also include it in my time bar. I typically only include spontaneous events in the time bar and not in the list.

The weather and temperatures are a fun little bit that I just like to include. I also got this idea from Boho Berry.

What I ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks can be found to the right of my tasks and events. This is usually a pretty scribbled bit as I just want to get the basics down. I’m not counting calories or anything here, but it’s nice to be able to look back and find patterns in my diet and discern ways I can improve my eating habits.

My water and fruit & vegetable intake bars are located just below my food tracker. My goal this month has been to try to drink 32 oz. of water and it has been a challenge! I also try to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables combined a day–a goal I haven’t been able to reach YET.
Really, the only difference I’ve made since last month is the hand lettering style I used for the days of the week. I’m trying to incorporate a different style each month for practice and, just, for a new look. As I said, though, my writing is suffering since I’m sweating merely getting my entries written.

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