Pregnancy Struggles & My Favorite Bullet Journal Page

Hello readers! It’s Monday again and I typically try to make my posts motivational for the week. However, I will admit today has been one of the most aimless, miserable, UNmotivating days since morning sickness was a problem eons ago. I was literally on the couch still in my pajamas at 3pm with no productive movements anywhere in sight. Since the baby’s due date is TOMORROW, I decided not to get too upset about how pathetic I was being and give myself some grace to be a slob. (Being 40 weeks pregnant will turn you as useless as a pet rock). Finally, I told myself if I could just make it to the shower I would feel a tad better. And then if I could just make myself set at timer and clean up obvious clutter for just 15 minutes, that would get the ball rolling and maybe I would feel like doing something else. Or if not, at least the place would look like I did something. So, two hours later, here I am. Showered, cleaned up, and probably that will be the culmination of my accomplishments today. It’s a good thing I opted for another crock pot meal, which I started last night, otherwise we would probably be eating cereal for dinner.

Once I got things cleaned up a little bit (not that I did much–the dishwasher is still full and the counters are full of dirty dishes), I said I deserved a reward for making it off the couch. So here I am presenting my favorite bullet journal page to you before I get back to reading some more. It’s my “Books To Read” coloring page. I stumbled on this idea browsing Pinterest. If I find I’m making significant progress on the one side, I am going to continue drawing more books on the opposite page. So far, I have read more books in the last couple months than I did for the last 6 months of 2015. I think the idea that I get to color a book in every time I finish it gets me excited enough to breeze through the books faster. *Pushes nerd glasses up*. At this rate, my goal of 24 books this year will be met in no time. There’s nothing like a good book to motivate you to be your best self–even on UNmotivational Mondays. Happy reading!

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