My Go-To Rainy Day Maternity Outfit

I have been so glad to experience pregnancy during the winter months instead of summer. I never have to worry about being too warm! Especially on days like today. When it’s rainy and cold and I have places to be, this is one of my favorite go-tos: leggings, combat boots I don’t mind getting wet, and a long roomy sweater. I just slap on my trusty anorak and plaid scarf and I’m toasty for appointments and errands. Also, can I comment on how I look like a chunky monkey in here instead of 8 months pregnant?!
DSC_0273DSC_0274DSC_0276DSC_0275DSC_0279Leggings: Max Studio
Sweater: Delia’s
Anorak: Gap
Boots: Target
Scarf: Target

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